Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am testing coordinator for our district. Data for testing 9-12 is due tomorrow for spring testing which is something our state does. I finished this afternoon (ahead of time) and I'm so excited I had to post. What is the big deal you ask? There are nearly 300 entries, each entry is a student's first and last name, school #, state testing #, grade, DOB, race, gender, subject tested, format, teacher's name, IEP, and so much more. I started this last week and have worked every non-session moment I had on it. I uploaded it several times and it came back with errors. This is normal, a name was entered as in our system, but it's different in the testing system something like that, usually minor, it just needs to be found and corrected. When there is an error, it just spits back the student number. The error has to be found from that # and corrected (PEARSON if anyone can relate). Anyway, after submitting several times today the upload finally came back 100% successful. Woohoo! I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED!

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  1. Congrats on getting all your testing data entered! I know that takes major work and feels good when it's over. Thanks for your comment at Counseling Corner!