Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun & Games

This week was crazy busy. Monday I worked on testing data. When I wasn't working on that I was run out of my office some by visitors in our school who needed a private place to meet with a student or two. Tuesday I worked with a little boy on impulse control and decision making using a picture card game that were action/consequence themed. We practiced using complete sentences: If I ....then I will (or no one or my parents or others). I searched the ASCA site and other internet sites for impulse control lessons. I found some great things that I plan to use soon! Wednesday various students and teachers stopped by my office to share problems/situations/concerns. We are giving some practice tests to our 7-12th grade students next week and that needed to be scheduled and worked out. Thursday I worked on our 7-12th eligibility for the week. It was quite long. I had several story time sessions throughout the week with elementary students. This time has worked so well, I'm thinking about cancelling my minute meeting sessions. Students now come to me unafraid to talk and share their problems. Today, I was running a few minutes late. I don't know why, it was just one of those days, though to help prevent that I completed several a.m. tasks last night plus I didn't have breakfast or pack my lunch. I ran out w/out jewelry or a watch on. On the way my principal sent me a text to tell me his daughters were both sick and he needed to stay home with them. Once at school my building secretary told me she had to leave at 9:30 for a doctor's appointment. I took care of some scheduling issues and getting early morning info. to other staff. I completed a quick session with one elementary student using Jenga and then I made my way to the office to take over at 9:30, left at 10:20 to have a session with 5th/6th grade boys, went back to the front office and there I stayed until nearly 3! There was a fight in the middle school and I helped take care of that, chased work down for students who were absent, passed out testing info. to teachers so everyone would be ready for Monday morning. I didn't have time for lunch, something to drink or even a restroom break! At 3 I started calling another office to wrap up something I've had on my desk for two weeks (it's due Thursday). I finally checked my email for the first time. I didn't have any story time today since it was Dr. Seuss's birthday and the librarian wanted to read and work on some fun activities with them. It's a good thing since the day wore on like it did. I plan on making another Jenga game this weekend. One that is for a younger student with star stickers and questions. It's funny, Mondays are usually crazy and things don't always go as planned due to that. Fridays are becoming more and more like Mondays. :)

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