Saturday, February 25, 2012

It has been a very productive week. Early in the week I began entering data for Spring testing that is due on the 29th. It's now almost complete, just a little tweaking on Monday and it will be ready for uploading to the testing site. We've had students come in to our school and a few preparing to leave. All of which gathering information either way falls on me.
I was able to read to nearly all my classes this week, hitting one for the first time ever! That makes me feel accomplished. I chose to read two books on bullying this week (different interest levels for different grade levels). I've been getting lots of reports from students on bullying going on in our school lately. So, in addition to all our assemblies and lectures on the subject, I decided to be even more proactive. I read and briefly discussed the subject with the lower grades.
I took the 8th grade class to a Tech Center and Career Expo. I always enjoy that day - getting to interact with the students in a different setting, observing their group dynamics and learning so much from the programs and presenters! So much work goes in to that and it is always well done. This year's expo was a little strange for me, for reasons I won't go in to here. I'm still mentally processing that (which is why I'm up on Friday evening/Saturday morning at 2:30 a.m.) I met with a couple of individual students this week and two different groups of girls to finish off the week. I used a new game in one of the individual sessions, a new 'for girls only' lesson book with one girls' group and prepared Jenga for another individual session next week. There were things left on my desk, undone. Those will have to wait until next week. Several days of coming in early and staying late still didn't get everything accomplished for me this week so I had to tell myself it was all good and call it a week anyway. Next week is another Career Cafe' with a nurse presenter! I can't wait. I'll have to wrap up the testing data and send completed tests off by Wednesday. I have some scholarships to upload onto the counseling corner website for fb as well. I'm off to a Friends of the Library book sale on Saturday (today). I've made my list of books and hope to find some good ones there! I, like the students, am ready for Spring Break. The closer we get the crazier my schedule seems to be. Once we return we will be in full testing mode. I've discovered a site with an activitiy that would benefit our community and help us as a school raise our score with the the state dept. of ed. reporting. However, I don't think I have the time to commit to it, at least not this year. I've also come to realize that our small community might benefit from an evening parenting group. It's something I'd love to develop, but again don't have the time for this year. I'll have to keep these two things 'on the clip board' for next year.

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