Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness week

We are in the middle of RAK week and its going well, but not exactly how I anticipated it would. I read to the elementary each week, one time, at an appointed time. This is in lieu of lessons in the classroom. The books I read usually have a lesson in them. I really wanted to try to read to the different grades all on Monday and read one of the Fill Your Bucket books (I have three and all but one grade level only has one teacher).
However, I was tied up with admin. meetings almost all morning. Then in the afternoon I had to deal with issues among students in a particular grade. By the time I finished the day was just about over. I did some reading on Tuesday and used buckets along with some colorful pompoms to demonstrate examples of filling and emptying a bucket. I called students up with me to help. They loved it and the teachers commented how cute it all was. I didn't get to do any reading Tues. afternoon as it was Valentine's Day and parties were going on during my scheduled reading time. In one of the offices while dealing with a student the principal mentioned that it was Random Acts of Kindness week and gave the student some suggestions of things to do to prevent the same type of situation occuring again or to make a relationship better. I was thrilled that she mentioned the week's theme (randomly - ha ha) on her job as well. It was great team work I thought (I was in the meeting as well since it was a student that I'd been meeting with on other issues and there was some comfort in having me there). I love my job. I love interacting with the students. There are some students I do not meet with on a regular basis in all grades. There are even some students I've never met with other than minute meetings, but I am always present should someone need me. I have some difficulty in completing my counseling duties along with the administrative duties of my job, too.

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