Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Career Cafe!

We had our first Career Cafe' yesterday. It was such as success!
The day before I went to the students I intended to invite and gave them their invitations. I told them what I needed them to do different than their usual routine (arranging lunch and being dismissed from class) and how things would work in the CC. I took some before pictures. The zebra theme and color choice was due to the cards I ordered to use as invitations. They're sort of a teal color with zebra stripes on the side. Of course I had to follow through with that.
I even made the center piece ("C" "C" for Career Cafe) and some zebra striped cookies as an extra treat for the students. Our first contributor was the head of the county DHS office.
She was amazing! She gave the students such good information, not just about her job and others in the office, but how students could get some volunteer hours through DHS. She advised students to go for jobs they loved, not just a job that would draw a large paycheck.
She said after 30+ years she still got up every morning, got dressed and looked forward to her job which she still loved! I can't wait until the next one! It will be end of the month with a nurse and a different group of students.

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