Friday, January 6, 2012

Today the first week of the new semester comes to an end. Reading time for the elementary has gone well so far. Teachers' classtime isn't interrupted since they're in the library already. Their library time now has the potential to be more valuable and I'm getting to interact with students I ordinarily wouldn't even see (bonus to me). I'm not doing this just for the sake of reading to the elementary. The teachers do a great job of this already. I have many books to deal with issues they may be struggling with (death, divorce, bullying, anger, courage, making friends, etc.). When the need arises I'll read one of those lesson themed books. Inbetween those times I'll read something else just for consistency and to help us continue to interact. I have met with some resistance to the new programs. Bummer. I'm forging ahead, though. I've had so much positive feedback from many coworkers I'm not going to let a select few get me down. We can't have change if everyone just keeps doing the same old thing. Yet, most everyone would say we need change. Positivity - my theme through the beginning stages of all this.

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