Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stand For the Silent

We just had our first Stand For the Silent chapter meeting. The information has been sent to the Smalleys (as required) for their approval.
We elected officers and class representatives along with choosing our mission statement. There were 91 students in attendance! That is 7th - 12th grade but, there are just over 200 students total in those grades combined! AMAZING! I was very excited to see that many showing an interest! In anticipation of approval by the Smalleys, we chose our first fundraiser as the PUT UPS. Word has gotten out about our PUT UPS and we've sold over 100 already. They're not officially going to be sold until next week! A PUT UP is the opposite of a put down. Instead of putting someone down or calling them a name, buy a put up and write something nice about them. The PUT UPS are a postcard, sold for $.50 and will be posted throughout our school. They can be bought by staff or students to be sent to staff or students! This is in conjunction with No Name Calling Week! So proud of the students spreading positivity!

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