Thursday, January 12, 2012

I started my minute meetings this week and they are going so well. A couple of classes had pull out students missing so I still have to catch them. After completing my questions with a second grader I asked is she had anything she'd like to ask me. She thought about it for a minute and then asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?". I wish I had a recorder during minute meetings so I could record the responses. You can't get any cuter than that! I am getting so many wonderful ideas from other counselors' blogs and counseling sites on the web. It will be No Name Calling Week soon and I didn't even know that week existed! I now have an activity planned that will carry us through the entire week. Next month there are two special weeks: National Counseling Week and Random Acts of Kindness week. I'm working on things for both of those weeks and can't wait!


  1. I also got the idea for minute meetings from the School Counselor Blog. I started them this week with 2nd grade and 5th grade and they worked so well! It is the perfect opportunity to connect with a student who seems very shy and not very willing to come in for individual counseling! I also wanted to share my blog with you. It is hard to stay motivated to write without followers so link up if you like it :) Thanks!

  2. How fun - thanks for sharing and for stopping by the Corner on Character today. I agree with Allison; it's nice to know that people are reading your stuff!

    Have fun as you plan those weeks ahead; we're putting together a Coffee Chat with the Counselors for our preK-5th grade parents for our National School Counselors' Week celebration. We'll also focus on something different every day that counselors can do for them . . . Be a Bucket Filler Day, Be a Buddy not a Bully Day, Be a Problem Solver Day, etc. I hope it goes well . . . also planning to send some packages to the troops that week to thank them for their service!! We can NOT do that enough, huh?

    Have fun with those minute meetings!


  3. Donna,

    I just started following your blog! Great ideas. Do you have a format for your minute meetings? Do you have set questions that you ask? Any info you can provide on the MM's, I would greatly appreciate!