Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Professional Day

We had a professional day today. It was a great day to recharge for the remainder of the year. We watched a webinar on homework, a cyberbullying program was held along with a funny and motivational audio broadcast on humor and attitude. We threw in some information on Common Core and TLE evaluation changes to wrap things up. I had the opportunity to discuss EXPLORE and PLAN results with 8th/10th core teachers. Wednesday we are having our initial meeting for the Stand For the Silent chapter of our school. Earlier in the year we had an assembly put on by this organization. It was wonderful! If you haven't heard of them it is run by Kirk Smalley. Look them up! In our meeting we will elect officers, students will sign pledge cards and then we'll assign students to sell the Put Ups as our first fund raiser. We decided to sell the Put Ups for $.50 each. It's a postcard that students will buy and write who they are to/from and a positive message about the person for whom it was bought. They'll then be posted all over the school and/or classrooms. I encouraged teachers to purchase them for each other or even students, too. I sure hope this goes well! I have to start going through the data collected on the students' career interests. I hope to get someone chosen to speak at our first Career Cafe' at the end of the month and the letter to them out this week.

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