Thursday, January 26, 2012


The PUT UPs are selling like crazy! I'm so excited about this! It took a few days for students to 'get it', especially in the elementary. However, now they have taken off! We're planning on continuing the sale of them into next week! I convinced the supt. he needed to buy one for each staff member by purchasing one for everyone myself. The elementary principal purchased one for all her staff. I told the supt. we were showing him up and he needed to step up to the plate! It worked! We have sold three times as many as I ever expected. I set up our first Career Cafe today. It will be the first full week in February with a head social worker from the county DHS office. I made several phone calls before I found someone willing to attend. The first dentist office just passed the info. along the office, thinking they were too small to participate. I have a back up dentist office I have yet to contact. I should be getting return calls from the pharmacy tech., mechanic and nurse I contacted. This is a new event in our school and a new concept to many business people. The word will have to get out about it so businesses will know what to expect and be willing to participate! It will be a bit of a slow start, but I'm sure we'll have success!

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