Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kids, kids and kids!

Today, our administrators were all gone to a workshop. That meant I was in charge, PreK-12th. Last week when the HS principal was gone a fight broke out. The elementary principal was on campus so she handled the situation while I was there for support, clarification and leg work as needed. Today, a student got disrespectful to two staff members while they were trying to discuss a previous incident with him. I had to put him in ISS and call home. Another staff member had to take their daughter to the hospital. I helped arrange a substitute bus driver and called maintenance to get them to 'chip in' a little extra work/time for that person who was out of pocket due to that. My office was full of high school girls today. By full I mean 2-3 at a time, most of the day. I didn't get any reading done with the elementary! We discovered two students have been skipping out on one of their classes. I took care of one student and left the other for the principal when he returns tomorrow. He will also have to make a couple of phone calls to homes with students having a problem with attendance. Tomorrow I have a third career cafe scheduled and am supposed to be gone to a meeting for a couple of hours. I tried to do something different today that failed miserably. I got some windshield paint and thought I'd write a different positive quote/message each week on the bathroom mirrors. Today I chose: "Be the person you'd like to meet." I had someone posted as guard while I went in the boys bathroom to make sure no one was in there and no one came in until I finished writing. Some (or one) of the girls scratched up their message and then smeared it horribly all over the mirror. The boys wrote an addition to the message with marker. I had to go in and clean them both up. I decided it wasn't worth trying any more. So much for spreading positivity! I'll have to try another way (perseverence). On a better note, it is our daughter's birthday today. My husband stayed home sick so they were able to spend the day together (she's now 22 years old). Though he was sick I think he enjoyed the time with her. Hopefully I will be able to make up story time tomorrow for those classes I missed today. I also received four boxes of testing materials that needs to be gone through and organized.

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