Monday, March 12, 2012

Homemade Penny Stones

I had such a successful and productive weekend, in spite of my husband and daughter being sick with the flu and very strict instructions to not be around anyone w/out a paper mask! I don't normally share pictures and stories of things unrelated to my counseling journey. Today I am making that exception. I worked several days on a wedding cake and it turned out perfectly!
The flowers and topper/letters were provided by the bride. My husband was such a trooper over the weekend. He went with me to the delivery and guided me in stacking tiers. This weekend we also celebrated our daughter's 22nd birthday. She asked for a cake with the sandal on it. This is pretty much exactly like the cake she chose just in different colors.
I got some questions printed out for a new Jenga (type) game. This gives me two. I need another for younger students with three colors though, so I'll be on the search for one soon. I made my own version of Penny Stones over the weekend, too. I'd seen three versions in a store, Bridal, Religious and Home (?). I didn't like all the questions on the home version and each bag was $16! I went to Dollar Tree and bought a bag of the clear glass rocks. I found a package of clear contact paper in 8 x 11 sheets at Michael's for $2.70. I printed my own questions on a sheet of velum (free, I had it in my scrapbooking supply), cut them out and matched them up with a stone.
Then I set them on the sticky side of the contact paper, traced around the glass rock and then trimmed each one. The whole set cost me less than $4.00. I had several students in my office for first one thing then another, all unrelated to a session, all curious about the stones which I'd placed in a small basket on my desk. I can't wait to use these in a session. I left some stones w/out questions just for some variety! I did make it to both services at church, but other than that, I didn't get far from the house since I was playing nurse to my family.

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