Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, Friday, Friday! I am glad the end of the work week is finally here. I love my job, but I go '90 to nothing' all day, every day. Come Friday, I am wiped out! I went with administration to a meeting on CCSS. When I got back to the office I worked on scholarship information. Our alumni scholarship application was due today. Of course, most everyone waited until today to bring their application by (kids). There was information needed by me for each application, which took a large part of the day. I managed to read to some of the elementary classes. One of the books was Just The Way You Are.
After reading the book I spoke to the kids about how they are all different, with different physical traits and yet, they all called themselves someone's friend and admitted they all had friends. I reminded them of how sad the animals spoke when comparing themselves to another animal, which we also do sometimes. It was a great book! I love that it comes full circle with the lion. Kids repeated the phrase, "I like you just the way you are." all through the book making it a lot of fun! I also read The Giving Tree to a couple of classes this week.
One of the students is on to what I'm doing. She asked me what the lesson was in this book. :) After school I attended a brief meeting for a student before dashing home to work on a wedding cake. My last cake (wedding or otherwise) for a while. Too little time and too many orders lately. I also received a phone call from my husband who has not been at work since Tuesday. He went to the doctor and learned he has the flu, Influenza A to be exact. The doctor told him he was highly contagious and he should wear a mask at home if others are in the house! He came home with three prescriptions one of which was over $100 for a five day supply. Tomorrow I'm delivering the wedding cake, attending another wedding and working on my daughter's birthday cake. I hope to make another Jenga game this week. I printed off tags earlier in the week, I just haven't had time to glue them onto the blocks. One of the kindergarteners I work with asked to play Jenga. I plan on making yet another with just colored dots and written questions as seen on another blog.

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