Friday, December 5, 2014

December Fun

It has been a fast paced week! With the new month here, it is time for new bulletin boards. I debated even doing them since we're just here three weeks and by the time I figured out something to do the week was 1/2 over.
I gave in and scrambled to get something up. I searched (thank you Pinterest) and did parts at home. Finally, I had one completed by Wednesday afternoon (Elf) and the border on the second one Thursday morning to complete it (Nativity).
I have been in a computer lab literally all week giving make up tests (I am DTC). Two days I had to take my lunch with me to the lab and one day I didn't have time for lunch. It is also college week. Trivia questions were posted all over school and students have been running in and out of my office or catching me coming and going in the hallway to give me answers. It's been great, really, and our most successful college week so far! The prize yesterday was a t-shirt. I gave them all out before school even started! Those that missed a shirt received candy, which they were happy about, too. Just another confirmation that most students will do anything for chocolate. Two things this week have really made me smile, reminding me why I love it here. The first is the December dress up calendar. It's really for the elementary, though our JH/HS staff get it, too. Each day of December everyone is to wear something different (holiday scarf and mittens one day, slippers another, warm up suit still another, and so it goes the entire month). Today is a Disney birthday to today is that theme.
The JH/HS staff doesn't really participate, but I love this each year I see it. The second is the chalk board on my door. This happened last year when I had one up at another school, so it's not specific to here, but I love I the same.
I love students leaving me notes here and there throughout the year. I leave notes on their lockers periodically (see last blog post), so they will occasionally write something for me. That chalk board will be a treasure to me at the end of the school year. I'm not sure what I will do for next school year (erase notes from this year and start over).

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