Monday, December 15, 2014

Gotta love it!

Last week's elementary lessons were the last ones for the semester in the building. I was able to make it to every classroom, PK-6th, even with technical difficulties and being gone one day. The elementary building didn't get to participate in the bullying assembly we had during the month of October. There was some discussion with the classes during each classroom lesson, but it just wasn't the same, full blown, bullying lesson as they would have received in the assembly. Plus, I'm sure I wasn't nearly as exciting during the classroom lessons as the group that conducted the assembly.
I used Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as my lesson. I only pulled out certain scenes instead of showing the full movie.
Time wouldn't allow a showing of the full movie anyway. Some classes were combined and I had to put the classroom teachers to work, starting and stopping the movie, throughout the lesson. It all worked beautifully.
I found questions and worksheets that fit multiple grades. Though I didn't have them complete worksheets, I pulled questions from them so that I had something to ask the lower grades, as well as the upper grades. A couple of the sixth graders, who had never seen the 1960s version of Rudolph commented about the lameness of the movie (I was gone out of the room, but still within earshot). Everyone else commented positively.
It fit nicely for the different grades and this time of year. It also fit well with the amount of time I have with each class. I honestly didn't realize there was so much bullying going on in this movie! What a great tool for our students. I don't have time now to list the other blogs where I found the questions and scene numbers, but if you want to contact me I'll be glad to pass it along to you over Christmas break and you can plan it for next Christmas. I'm trying to think of something, now, for next Christmas. Maybe How the Grinch Stole Christmas will work! I've seen some things on Pinterest. You can bet I'll be researching that between now and then. This week we are wrapping up Winter testing sessions and the semester like everyone else. Our JH/HS is having a dress up spirit week. Each day is a different dress up day, like it would be for Homecoming week or Red Ribbon Week, though it is Christmas themed. We have a door decorating contest going on right now. The class that wins receives a pizza party upon returning to school in January. That will be judged sometime early the morning one day this week. Tomorrow, the administration (including me) will be hosting a breakfast for our entire staff at 7:30 a.m. (lots of cooking will be going on tonight in preparation for that). Friday we will have an ugly sweater contest with our teachers competing for a prize. I can't wait to get some pictures of that! Can the week be any busier? Gotta love it!

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