Friday, April 13, 2012

The week is FINALLY over. :) After having a couple of short weeks it's always difficult to go back to a regular five day week. This was the first week of our spring testing season. It is always very stressful and very tiring. It gets easier, though. I'm trying to keep myself out of the testing process as much as possible so that I can continue with elementary story time and working with the kindergarten class on impulse control in addition to my administrative duties. However, every test session we've had I've wound up as administrator or proctor for at least part of the time. Today was an exception. I was able to excuse myself from today's session and get some much needed office time. I work on the weekly eligibility list, which takes me no less than 1 1/2 days. I was a little behind on this and today, though it was a little longer than usual, I got it completed! I didn't get to have any story time this week, which I didn't really like having to skip, but being only one person, I have no choice. Thankfully all the elementary teachers are very understanding! Earlier this week I was able to get the 8th grade and 12th grade diplomas and honor chords ordered and just in the knick of time. I had the opportunity earlier in the week, too, to give the 6th grade class the reading portion of their spring test. I thought this was a great opportunity for me to have some experience with the younger group and what their tests are like, as well as what they go through. All tests at the high school level are online, except for English writing, and almost all middle school tests are now online. There is a push in our state to have more and more tests moved to online format. Next week we continue with tests Tues. through Fri. Monday is Career Cafe'. The guest is our Pre-K teacher! She's very nervous about it. I don't know why, she's a veteran teacher and very good at what she does! I know she'll do a great job in Career Cafe, too!

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