Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bulletin Boards

It's Wednesday, but tomorrow is my Friday due to it being Good Friday and we scheduled it as a snow day (which we didn't use). I made two bulletin boards over the last couple of weeks in preparation of state testing. One I saw on the School Counselor Blog. I made it for our elementary just going from memory of what I'd seen on the blog. The other I made last year for our hs/ms. I just changed up the colors but, kept the theme and wording the same this year. I had to do a western theme being we're here in the south. The elementary was very excited over their rocket display since I didn't get to do anything for them last year. The western board is actually my outer door since I don't have a b. board. I have an outer and inner office. Both doors I keep open when I'm there. It's a steady stream of students past my door.
I've dealt with lots of drama from students this week. I've had parents call, board members call, parents visit, and students visit, all over the same issue. Hopefully this will be resolved by tomorrow. I've been going through Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control with the kindergarteners and it's been really good. We worked on rewind and should today. They've got the channel changer and pause down so I'm sure the others will fall in to place, too. I worked on entering 8th and 12th grade names into a list this week for graduation and diploma orders. Friday I'm going fabric shopping, to the cake decorating store and out to lunch, all with a friend! It's a short break but still a huge blessing!

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