Saturday, April 21, 2012

Second Week of Spring Testing

We got through our second week of testing. It was another five day week. All of the elementary grades completed their tests, as well as middle school grades. I was right in the middle of it all! One of our staff had a death in the family. With so many coworkers attending the funeral (as they all should have) we were left short of administrators and proctors. Therefore, we had to move two testing sessions. Since we're so early in the testing schedule we still had time to get those completed. Monday we had another career cafe. Our Pre-K teacher came over as the presenter. She was GREAT! She read a book that she reads to her class at the beginning of each year. Two of the students attending CC had this same teacher when they were in Pre-K. I am always amazed at how wonderful my coworkers are. Not because I go through the year thinking they are less intelligent or that they aren't doing a great job teaching and interacting with their students. But, from time to time I get to see or hear about their other talents, skills, hobbies, life in general, and more often than not I learn so much about them that before I had no idea! Wednesday we had a meeting after school with three teachers, a parent, the principal and a student. It lasted almost two hours. This made for a very long day since two of us at the after school meeting had attended a meeing at 7 a.m. between our district committee leaders and administration. I was just short of an 11 hour day. We normally don't have any spring tests on Fridays. However, this week we tested Friday instead of Thursday. I got so much done in my office on Thursday. It was a much needed office day. Friday, after I arrived I prepared the two computer labs for testing and made a couple of phone calls. I was then administrator for one middle school session which took almost three periods. I gathered up all the left over scratch paper, pencils and got the computers back to testing settings. I grabbed a quick lunch (snack bar) and went right back to the computer labs. I readied them both with scratch paper, pencils, stress balls, testing tickets, administrator books and seal codes. Once finished I called the next group in for testing. This session took over three periods. By the end of the day I was worn out. I didn't get to meet with any groups or classes for story time. While on cafeteria duty Friday morning the elementary kids were asking me over and over why I hadn't been in the last couple of weeks and when I was going to be back. It was very reassuring to know what I'm doing with them, even though its less than ten minutes one time a week, is having an impact! Next week will be the same as we get through more of our high school sessions. The next two weeks are four day weeks. We're all very thankful for that.

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