Friday, April 27, 2012

We had a short week this week with the day off as an unused snow day today (Friday). I got nearly all the middle school and elementary spring tests boxed and ready to go. We use Pearson (some of you may be familiar), so the scoreable tests are boxed one way and shipped to one location while the non-scoreable items are boxed and shipped to another. All my non-scoreable boxes are sealed and ready. I need to make copies of my security forms and once placed in the box the scoreable will be ready to seal. I received my copy of the newest "Fill a Bucket" series. The kids really caught on to this as I was reading throughout the elementary. I hope to find some cheap buckets to purchase for each classroom next year so students can fill and review them independently. I ordered a t-shirt to go with it. Tonight is our h.s. prom. I'm missing it due to an injury I received this morning. I kicked at our fat (21 lbs.) cat this morning in an effort to be silly and shoo her on her way. I wasn't trying to kick her or hurt her, (I think she's a precious kitty and call her that all the time) just make her move. Being the graceful person that I am when I did this I wound up kicking the oversized chair. The outside of my foot is swollen and two of my toes horribly bruised. I tried to put on a shoe, but couldn't put much pressure on it and the shoe itself caused great pain. I'd planned on getting a pedi today until this happened. No pedi left me with ugly feet which meant no flip flops, too. I stayed home and missed all the girls in their pretty dresses and boys in their finest. :( Next week we continue with online testing for high school and four middle school studens who missed their scheduled tests. I will be taking down my door (Git R Done) decorations. I discovered students are removing and stealing parts of it so I have to take it down before I lose any more. So far three of the paper boots and the bandanas have been taken. This makes me sad and angry at the same time. I can't believe it will be May 1st on Tuesday! The year is almost over and there is so much packed into the last couple of weeks it's unbelievable. What a great year it's been. I have learned so much and continue to learn (from the many blogs I've discoverd, from friends, other counselors I know, my coworkers and even the students). I can't wait until next year to put some things in place that I've been holding off on and become more involved with the students.

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