Thursday, February 5, 2015

National School Counselor's Week 2015

Happy #NSCW15 everyone! I have been celebrating this week in two ways. Friday I left school after only being there for a few hours. I had to take our 20 mo. old grandbaby to the doctor. Monday morning (this week) we went back to the doctor. My husband was off work so he watched the grandbaby for the after noon while I came to work. Tuesday I stayed home all day. Yesterday I was back and hopefully will be the rest of the week. I scheduled a hot cocoa bar for the staff to celebrate #NSCW15. I sent out invitations and had everything planned - before the whole sick grandbaby issues.
It was originally scheduled for Tuesday. But, I wasn't here. So I had to reschedule it for today. It worked out even better because today is a much colder day and the hot cocoa has just made the day so much better already.
I've seen some posts from counselors around the country where schools and/or students have done things for their counselors. I've also seen many posts from counselors doing things for their staff. Either way, I'm glad to be in education and glad to be a counselor. I still feel like I make a difference in students' lives. I try not to think about the ones that give up, drop out, don't come for visits to my office for social, emotional or academic assistance or even listen to what I tell them when they do decide to check in. I try to focus on the ones in which I make a difference. Though I've not made a different in all, there are many I have. I'm grateful for everyone. I started this blog because of others' blogs I had been reading. Those blogs were such inspiration to me and what I do, I wanted to (hopefully) inspire others. Thank you all for what you do each day, reaching kids and staff in a multitude of ways. I will pat you on the back even if no one else does. I know you're making a difference!

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