Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another College Week

Last week was full of lessons in the elementary. It was so much fun to get back to the 7 Habits lessons and those kiddos. While getting started in one second grade class, I mentioned that it seemed as if I hadn't been there for a long time when really it was just a couple of weeks ago. One little girl looked at me and said, "Yes, and you were wearing that same thing the last time you were here." I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't compose myself again. I guess I need to keep a list of what I wear the days I go to the elementary, or at least that class!

We have had two college weeks back to back. Unfortunately last week's college (university) didn't send any prizes, nor did the representative show up for the presentation that was scheduled last October. That happens occasionally. This week is another college and we have been given some wonderful prizes for the trivia questions each day.
The representative has confirmed her visit at the end of the week so we are good to go. I had students send their answers through Twitter and Instagram. It has worked beautifully. Instead of a stead stream of students in my office giving me answers and preventing me from getting anything accomplished (I love seeing them, though), they use social media. Then I give them their prize as I walk the hall on my way to something else or I stick them in students' lockers. It seems the number of followers for our account grows each day.

Seniors are rolling right along with scholarship applications and getting transcripts forwarded (something I do for them). Sophomores have been getting applications in to attend the technology center next year. Before I know it testing season will be here. I've already attended one test training and there are more to come. After testing season the school year will basically be finished. My how time flies!

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