Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Threshhold of testing

We are not quite in the testing season, though there are many tasks that are now either complete or at hand for testing. All student data has been uploaded to the testing company. Wouldn't you know it, the day after that took place we received a new student. Those of you in education for any length of time at all know this is no surprise. What else can we do but chuckle. Today I conducted a second test administrator and proctor training. I was also able to finish the testing schedule. We start testing the end of March/first of April with a retest window. Then we move right to our regular testing window for two weeks. Afterward, we have one week to make up any tests for those absent. That will take us all the way to May. Wow, thinking of it that way makes me realize the year is so close to being over! Last week was my week in the elementary. Between that, testing duties, pantry, book club and seeing individual students, it was quite a week! Scholarships are coming in almost one on top of another. This is great, though I'm not sure our students are taking full advantage of the information. We are on our last official college week.
The representative will be here on Friday. Until then students will answer trivia questions for prizes and to be entered into a drawing by the representative. This week's prizes are a little different than what we've been having. Same or different, it's always wonderful when they send us things for our activities. I think I'm going to do some games (bingo and scavenger hunt)with answers that pertain to our staff here on campus. Hopefully I can come up with more games to make it a full week.

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