Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Constitution Day

We ended last week with some projects by our history and social studies classes. They were given the task of decorating our hallways with posters and pictures of things they thought represented the United States and it's history. I didn't get a picture of all of them, but the ones I did, I included here.
Our kids are so creative. Every year the pictures are different than the year before and always unique, one from another.

This week, though it's only Wednesday, I've had students wanting to drop career tech. classes. We're over 1/2 through the quarter, this isn't doable at this point without loss of major credits. We've had mean girl stuff going on and I had a student misunderstand something I said in the class counseling lesson, got very upset and that resulted in a visit from his parents. It's all good. It turned out fine. There was and is no upset, which I'm glad. Though I didn't need to, according to parents, I apologized to the student for not being more clear. I don't want him to be uncomfortable during my sessions, nor do I want any awkward feelings with him. Everyone messes up. Whether it was on my end or his is irrelevant. I just want to make it right. On Friday, I'm off to one of our state universities for a counselors' day. Though I've been to several such events at others universities, I've never been to this one. I have, however, been to this university many times, LOL. Funny how that has worked out. I'm looking forward to a work day away, learning about admission requirements and processes at this university, taking a tour and the wonderful lunch that is in store. Make it a good one everyone!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What a busy time it has been! I finally got to start classroom lessons in the elementary! For the lower 3 grades I used Mrs. Potatohead to introduce me and my role. I think that is my favorite lesson.

For sixth grade I used a connect four lesson I found online. Those kids have seen my intro. lesson several times and probably have everything memorized, though they were good sports. The grades in between I used a power point that I also found online. It included a Kid President video and a movie clip. IT WAS GREAT! Between going to all the elementary classes I managed to get out a letter to senior parents. With the FAFSA deadline changing to October, I felt compelled to make sure parents were aware of the importance of getting this completed by the deadline. I have also been scheduling meetings, workshops, college reps. and trivia weeks. I have found some great material on TPT. I was out of curriculum. Last year I bought my own (!). The two principals offered to purchase material this year, for which I was so glad. We're on the threshold of so many things! Make it great!