Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What a busy time it has been! I finally got to start classroom lessons in the elementary! For the lower 3 grades I used Mrs. Potatohead to introduce me and my role. I think that is my favorite lesson.

For sixth grade I used a connect four lesson I found online. Those kids have seen my intro. lesson several times and probably have everything memorized, though they were good sports. The grades in between I used a power point that I also found online. It included a Kid President video and a movie clip. IT WAS GREAT! Between going to all the elementary classes I managed to get out a letter to senior parents. With the FAFSA deadline changing to October, I felt compelled to make sure parents were aware of the importance of getting this completed by the deadline. I have also been scheduling meetings, workshops, college reps. and trivia weeks. I have found some great material on TPT. I was out of curriculum. Last year I bought my own (!). The two principals offered to purchase material this year, for which I was so glad. We're on the threshold of so many things! Make it great!

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