Saturday, October 25, 2014

Red Ribbon Week Prepping

I spent my week making up some lessons in the elementary that I had to skip last week due to administrative duties. I go into elementsry classrooms every other week, some on Tues. and some Thurs. The teachers are wonderful. They have been very encouraging with the feedback on my lessons and flexible when I've had to make up time in order to keep everyone "on the same page" with lessons. We had a short week due to fall break and an extra day from P/T conferences. One of my principals was out, first his step mother was having surgery, then his brother went to the ER followed by ICU due to heart issues. There was a lot of drama with kids while he was out. Some I felt comfortable handling, some I didn't and had to put on hold as far as a decision in discipline until he returns, which I hope is this next week. Red Ribbom Week, as you all know, started Thursday and carries through to the end of next week. We chose to just celebrate one week. Thursday after school we put ribbons on the outside of the school and red cups in the fence so those driving by out school would see something was going on. Inside we hung banners throughout the HS/JH and elementary. The kids are dressing up and elementary is getting stickers. The HS/JH is getting an assembly. I'm stepping away from my lessons out of the Seven Habits for Happy Kids book that I've been doing in the elementary. This week I'm doing RRW lessons. The following link,

leads you to many lessons at a variety of levels for students.

This link: will take you to a fun little interactive game for the smart board. It's a game where students chose which picture shows candy and which picture shows drugs. I'm using this game for the lower elementary classes.

I still have some administrative things to take care of this week (state reports), some scholarships to pass out to seniors, essay competition forms for 6-12 grades and I'm already working on our Veterans Day assembly.

Have a great week everyone!

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