Friday, September 26, 2014

What a crazy week!

It has been a crazy weekend! A couple of weeks ago our school decided to start a secret pal program with our entire staff from bus drivers to maintenance to office staff, teachers and administration. I chose to remain neutral since I already have some things planned for the entire staff for most of the year (gifts and encouraging things here and there). It has been fun to read everyone's information sheet, but a lot of work, too, organizing the information and making sure everyone turns in a sheet. Our superintendent wants everyone to participate. I ran around today handing out sheets personally to those who had not yet turned one in (though I put them in their mail box last week). There are some who are grumbling, but most everyone is cooperating. It helps that I tell them it is coming from the top dog not me. I started working a little more diligently on gathering my information for career cafe and lunch bunch.
I still have some students who list an 'I don't know' for a career. I solicited the help of the computer teachers to allow them to complete the interest inventory I suggested and get me the information so I could plug them in. I also gathered the names of all the new students so I could have a couple of lunch bunch groups next week to make sure students are getting plugged in with classes, teachers and students. We don't have many new students this year so I will have less than a handful of sessions for this objective then I'll move on to another type of lunch bunch.
I got a surprise visit from a college representative this week. She brought we some swag to give out as prizes for our college week that is yet to come for her university. We typically have many students attend that particular university and so I was excited when she brought in the prizes and told me she'd be here on Friday of that week to meet with students so they'd get first hand information! Today, in just a little while, I will go with the administration and help get ready for the school carnival, which is tomorrow. I help the administration run the bingo game. The bingo games cost, but have great prizes. Each class Pre-K through 12th is assigned a theme (holidays, golf, pet care, chocolate, movie night, family game night, etc.) Everything is collected into laundry sized baskets along with some gift cards and donations/services the administration has also collected. There are multiple games and styles of bingo. Each winner picks a basket as their prize. The final game is a black out game and I believe the prize is a $500 gift card! It's always a lot of fun and serves as a wonderful fund raiser for our school.

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