Monday, June 24, 2013

Being flexible

Today I went to school to get my keys, discuss a couple of things with the supt., and meet the new principal. I was told he'd be there this afternoon since he had some things to wrap up at his previous school in the morning. The previous counselor was going to do some cleaning (last week before her vacation this week) and get her things out of the office so that I could start moving my things in this week. I guess we're all on summer schedule :) because the principal had been there and gone by the time I got there. He was there this morning not this afternoon. The supt. wasn't there at all today. I couldn't arrange any of my things in my office in the high school building because the previous counselor hadn't taken anything of hers out yet. Since the supt. wasn't there I couldn't get my keys and the elementary principal is on vacation so I can't get my keys to that building or start moving into that office either (which I knew all of this about the elementary principal and building). All I could do was laugh and say, "Oh well." I faxed a couple of things while there and took in the three boxes I'd loaded up. That's just the way it is, might as well go with the flow, right? Over the weekend I made an introduction board to use at the beginning of the school year in the elementary. Those students are not used to having a counselor and therefore, probably don't know what to expect. I read through a couple of blogs, picked out some things I liked and put them together on this board.
I really liked what jyjcounselor had done with her Prezi so I modified it to work on the board. The center is my picture surrounded by pictures of my family, hobbies and interests outside of school. Outside of that are clues to what I'll be doing around school and in the classrooms. It's just a great visual to have while introducing myself and what to expect. Of course, I couldn't pass up the "Happy, Happy, Happy!" (which I placed on the board after I snapped a picture) reference to Duck Dynasty. In this part of the US nearly everyone can relate to that! I plan on going back later this week to (hopefully) accomplish a little more than today.

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