Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Contract signed!

Yesterday I went to school and signed the contract for my new job/school. I intended to go, sign the contract, visit with the superintendent about a few things and leave to run errands in town and spend some time with my new grandbaby. Well, the day didn't quite go like that, though I count it all good. When I got to school, the elementary principal (who I hadn't yet met) was in the supt.'s office so I visited with the both of them about some things for the upcoming year. The elementary principal is a former counselor. This is going to be so beneficial! The counselor, who is leaving, was there, discussing testing issues (yes, they're still going on) also. I went with her to the office that will soon be mine. This is a school where I did a portion of my student teaching. I remember the principal's and counselor's offices. They were small, dark and in need of a bad update (think dark brown paneling from 1970s). It was remodeled last year! Now it is light and bright, a little larger and I was thrilled to see it. However, it gets better (or worse, depending on how you look at it, I like to think it's better). I'm going to be working in the elementary a couple of days a week, as I mentioned in my previous post, so they're putting an office in place for me there. I joked when I asked about space, asking if it might be a broom closet, a corner in the front office, maybe just a desk at the end of the hall? They're getting me an office set up with a real desk, computer, shelving, etc. I'm thrilled, though this means I will need to gather supplies so that I have my touch and my personality in both locations. I'm thinking primary colors in the elementary office and a general school theme if possible. This office I will be starting from scratch. The high school office will be more colors I am drawn to such as the soft, fern green, brick reds with some yellow/gold in there. Things I already had in place in my old office. I have fabric for curtains in those colors already, a wall hanging and some desk decorations along with pictures. The supt. and principal are very receptive to all my ideas, which I'm thrilled, because I have many, many more! I met a couple of coworkers while there, and they, of course, were great, too. My mind has been spinning with ideas, I've been reading blogs and researching things almost non-stop since last Friday. I know it will be a lot of hard work, being that the buildings are so far apart. I will have to commit to days or mornings/afternoons in just one location and I am it, the only counselor for the entire school. However, it's everything I've done previously and it is closer to home, making it easier to stay late, go in early or even run down on a Saturday morning. I'm feeling very blessed!

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