Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Break

Summer is finally here and my first official week off it has been cooler and raining nearly every day. I'm not complaining about the rain or the cooler temperatures, but it makes spending time in the pool come to a stop. I've been spending lots of time on pinterest, pinning, adding new boards, organizing pins and scrolling through blogs, trying to make sure I'm current on things and prepared for whatever the next school year holds. After a year of not working out due to spending lots of time at or preparing for work paired with being on and off the dieting wagon, I've been trying to get back in that groove. Having everything here at the house, and no work this summer there is no excuse to not get back at it. I'm hoping to take off some of the weight I gained in the last year. I will not be posting much this summer as this is a counselor's (work) blog and I'm out for the summer. I didn't really want my blog to be so much about me and my personal life. I will be teaching 3rd/4th gr. boys next week in VBS. The last few years I haven't taught at VBS. One reason is I teach 1st/2nd gr. Sunday School every week, teach kids church once/twice month and fill in some in classes at work. I haven't wanted to teach at VBS on top of that. Another reason, and probably the most important reason, or my favorite reason, for not teaching is that when I'm just a helper in a classroom, I get to deal with kids during the classroom invitation and have had the blessing of leading so many kids to the Lord, taking them through the verses and praying with them as they get saved! LOVE IT! I seemed to forget that when it was time to sign up for VBS jobs and simply signed up to do everything, thinking they'd plug me in where needed. I know I will receive so many blessings throughout the week by teaching the class. Tomorrow, I'm off on a small shopping trip to find insects to decorate my VBS classroom. The theme is bug zone and I need lots of insects. I'm going to make some butterfly nets with embroidery hoops,hula hoops and tulle. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and have plenty of time to rejuvinate, refresh and relax before school starts again in the fall!

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