Thursday, May 14, 2015

Testing Season That Never Ends

This has been the longest testing season ever! It's the last week of online testing. We already had our regular testing schedule and this week was saved for any students absent on those regular testing days. Well, little did I know that some of those absent during regular days would also be absent during the 'make up' days. Tonight is 8th grade graduation. I managed to finish the morning testing session in time to be a part of the rehearsal. Friday is our senior graduation. I hope to not still be testing by then so that I can go over for rehearsal for that, too. I don't have a huge part of either ceremony. For the 8th grade I figure out the valedictorian and salutatorian, figure out the 7th grade escorts, order diploma covers, get the names for the diplomas and proof the speeches all ahead of time. Then during the ceremony I read the names off so the principal can hand diplomas out, shake their hands and pose for a picture. Senior graduation is very similar. This year I am reading off the scholarship information because the superintendent is not going to be in attendance. The principal asked if I wanted to be on stage or off. I chose off. However, there are steps and I can see myself tripping while going up or down them. I may rethink that. I am 45 minutes away from school, so tonight and senior graduation night will be long nights since I don't go home in between. Next week for awards assembly, it will be the same. Even though we have less than two weeks left, I made bulletin boards for both buildings.
I love how both of them turned out. I am so proud of our elementary staff. They won a $40,000 technology grant that will put six iPads in every classroom and provide a new buzzer system for the academic team. That building received an award in Washington, D.C. last year as a Blue Ribbon Certified School (or something like that). Their accomplishments are nothing of my doing or contribution, I am so proud of them and to say I work here and with them. Soon it will be summer break and flip flop season. I have several books to read this summer, most for school. I won a gift card to Half Price Books recently. I can't wait to use it to find more. I forget how excited I get about books until I go to the bookstore and see them all. I hope everyone has a restful summer break.

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