Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Break

Christmas break is almost over. It has been a very restful break for me. Most of my shopping was done online (Amazon prime is a wonderful thing) ahead of time. It was so nice coming home to a package waiting on the front porch nearly every day in the weeks leading up to break. The first Monday out of school I did have to make a trip to the local Wal Mart. It was also my only trip for the entire holiday season. I made a trip to the mall the weekend before this, and it, too, was my only trip there for the entire season. Can you tell I loved shopping online from my recliner or couch, in my pjs? We put our Christmas decorations up a little late this year since we were out of town for Thanksgiving and that was a little later than usual. Because of this we left a few things tucked away until next year. Since everything was put up later, we left it up a little longer. I often start taking the decorations down Christmas night or the day after. It is past January 1st and everything just came down today. Today was a pajamas day. I stayed in them literally all day. Days like today are rare. Christmas breaks like this one are unusual, too, so much time at home to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. I had many days at home, though they weren't pajama days. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas our garage broke, nearly falling off the track onto my car inside the garage. Our kitchen range also gave out. So, my husband and I bought each other a new garage door, complete with new tracks and springs and also a new kitchen range for Christmas.

I took a break from thinking about or doing any work during this break. The time disconnected has been much needed. Today I posted a scholarship on the school's website, a notification on the Facebook page and will have something else posted on the school site tomorrow. I return to school Monday and that day brings many changes. Some I'm looking forward to and some I'm not.

Tomorrow we leave for a quick trip out of town. It's just a short trip to a place we enjoy going. Instead of just going over night in order to be back for church on Sunday, we're staying until Sunday this time and attending church there. We both just need this quick get away, the change of scenery, to disconnect a little more before we hit it hard next week. I have pictures from the door decorating contest to post. However, those will have to wait until next time.

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