Thursday, December 1, 2011

EOI Re-tests

We are about to wrap up our first week of EOI re-takes. What a week it has been! We had to begin Monday morning which was our first day back from Thanksgiving Break. There were major computer issues so we were over an hour behind schedule for the first session. Once we go going however, everything ran smoothly. Tuesday's tests rocked along like a dream. Today we were back to square one with issues. We didn't have two testing sessions today due to the first session getting a late start and students working so thoroughly. We just ran out of time. Even with all these problems we managed to knock out four tests in three days. We will try another session tomorrow and then save the rest for next week. Most of the students were troopers and just hung in patiently even with all the problems. Tomorrow I am going to yet another meeting on the dreaded common core! (I say that in jest).

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